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Zhongtang hotel

Address:No.12 xisi bei 2 tiao,Beijing
Tel:8610-8589 5138

The Zhongtang hotel is located in XISIBEIERTIAO west district Beijing. It has very long history. In Qing dynasty, this courtyard belongs to a extremely important minister¡ªErtai.

Beijing has a proverb to be called "east rich west is expensive", It refers to the housing to presently the Beijing east district mostly for the rich and powerful people, the big landlord,
the royalty businessman and so on, but lives in west district is the aristocrat, ministers.

Ertai do for the Qing Dynasty inlay the blue flag juniors. His ancestor all successively in the royal government are the official, but the official title all did not calculate too big, to he this generation time, is the family property is on the wane, always to 42 years old also only is an internal affairs government official, is equal to the nowadays government office staff member.

Because the family fortune declines, therefore Ertai have to sold out the house which originally lives, moved to XIXIBEIERTIAO (to be called SHUAIFUHUTONG at that time). He has not realized just because this move, enable his enterprise to have the omen which made a rapid career advance.

Ertai and his wife lived in the main room of this courtyard, namely present XXXX room. At that time his wife didn¡¯t procreate anymore. One day when Mrs. Ertai was sleeping in her room, she has a dream. In the dream a old man which has white beard told her: if you want your husband and sons be good, you must build a room in the northwest corner of this courtyard. This room must can see the stars, touch the sky and connect the earth.

Mrs. Ertai told her husband about this dream, they finally decided build that room. The house has tall walls but thin, the ceiling completely builds by the colored glaze, penetrate the ceiling can look the sky and the stars. This building in the central courtyard traditional construction is never happened, therefore many neighbors discussed it.

Everyday Mr. and Mrs. Ertai spent hours in this room for pray. Did this has really brought the good luck to them. Only crossed has been short to year time, the King of Kangxi dead, Yong Zheng continued the position, during 13 years Ertai upgrade to the palace bachelor, and finally took the post of premier to Qian Long minister first year.

And Mrs. Ertai also has given birth six sons and two daughters one after another in during this 13 years, all married with the aristocrat and ministers.

From now on, this courtyard kept that special room and named it ¡°Guan Xing Shi¡±. The main room which Mrs. Ertai dreamed the old man also is named ¡° Meng Xian Shi¡±.

Although Ertai moved in to a bigger courtyard, he never gave up this little one, because he believed this building give him significant opportunity.

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MAR/01-AUG/06 USD128 USD96 USD29
AUG/07-AUG/25 USD570 USD392 USD78
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